The Myers for Governor campaign today announced that after two years of engaging the people of Pennsylvania, Max Myers is officially withdrawing from the gubernatorial race. “The logistical and financial challenges of moving my campaign forward have become too great to overcome,” said Myers. Myers was the only gubernatorial candidate to focus attention on the […]

Sexual Assault in PA

In recent years, sexual assault has been on the rise in Pennsylvania.  As uncomfortable as this topic may make us, this is no time to back away or become indifferent.  We cannot emotionally detach ourselves from the untold mental and physical pain that sexual assault against the women and children of Pennsylvania is causing. This […]

An Open Letter to Governor Tom Corbett

You are no doubt aware that word has gotten out about the secret poll taken by Public Opinion Strategies, a Republican polling firm.  Though there is no direct link to connect you with this poll, it is evident that they want to use its results to build a forward strategy for you and your reelection […]

Come on EPA, Light my Fire

Some things have a way of “pushing me over the edge.” The reality of finding high concentrations of methane gas in the water supply of homes close to natural gas drilling sites is appalling. An AP article released on June 24, 2013 called “Studies find methane gas in PA drinking water” based their reporting on […]

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette Article

This interview and article reflects the challenge that Max faces in charting a course for a new kind of leadership in Pennsylvania.  His innovative, people-focused approach to gubernatorial leadership stands to set the bar for the next generation of elected officials. To view the article in its entirety please  click here.

Doing the Right Thing

For years Max has given this simple counsel: “Do the right thing for long enough and you will begin to get the right results.” His decision to stand up for the Pennsylvanians currently being harmed by natural gas fracking was one of those “right things”. Max believes that the procedure should be stopped until such […]

Senior Security Act

When you buy a car, you pay a sales tax of 6-8 percent, depending on where you live in Pennsylvania. That’s $1,200 to $1,600 for a $20,000 car.  But when investors buy a car company’s stocks or bonds, they pay no sales tax at all on that purchase. Or consider the biggest expense most of […]

Fracking Position

Overall: While I am not opposed to the presence of the Natural Gas industry as a whole, I do believe that the industry should prove that the extraction method being used is safe before it is permitted. To this end, I propose a moratorium that would allow time for the natural gas industry to develop […]


The power to change Pennsylvania cannot begin and end with what happens under the dome of our state’s capitol. Only when a governor finds a way for Pennsylvanians to own their government – and for government to operate with respect for its owners – will we create the future we want to achieve. We will […]